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Non-Slip Flooring

For architects and specifiers it is extremely important; now more than ever; to ensure that the floor you are specifying is safe, non-slip and will pass a slip resistance test.

Many people are finding that there is NO solution out there that is guaranteed to pass a specified slip rating.

Compliant Floor Systems Australia was driven with this mission in mind, to fill this gap in the market and be the number one flooring systems used by specifiers around the country. Architects and specifiers can be assured their floor will pass all slip testing requirements and therefore passing on the best possible duty of care to the building owners and managers.

This will provide building owners and managers with evidence of due diligence proving they have made every effort to maximise public safety when it comes to their floors.

Compliant floor systems Australia can provide non-slip coating solutions AND certified installers to install them. We have a range of non slip flooring systems including…

P3 Guaranteed - P4 Guaranteed - P5 Guaranteed - Non-Slip Ramps Guaranteed

Non Slip Floor Coatings  - Compliant Floors Australia

Non-Slip Coatings

SafeSurface Coat – Is a specially formulated coating that we can apply over new or existing flooring. It is available in clear or a range of coloured options. The clear option will not alter the appearance of the surface underneath and is available in a matte or semi-gloss option.


SafeSurface Coat is extremely durable and stain resistant and an excellent choice for indoor or outdoor areas where there is high traffic such as commercial areas.


SafeSurface Coat can be applied over tiles, timber, concrete, pavers, terrazzo, vinyl and many more

For more information and to see a full list of areas this product is suitable for according to the standard

HB 198:2014 and that refers to the NCC standard Click here

Non-Slip Honed / Polished

Polished concrete is sought after for its beautiful natural character and hard wearing properties. These floors have not been practical due to their high slip potential and inability to ensure a desired P rating.

SafeSurface Polished – Is a traditional mechanically polished concrete with a vital twist that no one else can produce…. a set P rating!. This is an industry first and is GUARANTEED! Our incredible P rated flooring system is in high demand as currently no other company is able to complete a polished concrete floor to meet a specified slip rating.


SafeSurface Polished is for indoor areas, is stain resistant, extremely durable, easy to clean and will last forever with minor maintenance.


SafeSurface Polished is available in a Nil, Min or full stone exposure and finished to a matte, or semi-gloss finish. Don’t be fooled by cheaper imitations!

SafeSurface Honed – Is an industry first P rated honed concrete, guaranteed to comply with the Australian Standards at handover.


SafeSurface Honed is an outdoor/exterior flooring option that requires little maintenance, is stain resistant, and is completed to a matte finish. Your options include a nil, min or full stone exposure depending on your preference. Honed concrete is a cost effective, hard-wearing option and is available in a P3, P4 or P5 finish depending on your requirements.


SafeSurface is backed by a 10-year warranty, is ecofriendly, uses Australian made products and is available in a P3, P4 and P5 option.

For more information and to see a full list of areas this product is suitable for according to the standard

HB 198:2014 and that refers to the NCC standard Click here

Non-Slip Honed and Polished Floors  - Compliant Floors Australia


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