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Non-Slip Floor Treatments

Compliant Floor Systems Australia have designed a range of services designed to remediate any floor that fails a slip test. Along with all the traditional methods we have invented a revolutionary non-slip flooring treatment that is suitable for any hard or soft floor surface.

Our treatments can be applied and cured within hours and minimal disruption to your working day and will have no discernable difference to the appearance of your floors!

Surface Treatment, Acid Etching - Compliant Floors Australia

Surface Treatment

SafeSurface Fix is a treatment we use on existing non-compliant surfaces in order to make them comply with AS 4663:2013.  There are various treatments we use depending on the surface and the desired slip rating. 


SafeSurface Fix is available in P3, P4 and P5 and will have a slight change to the existing look of the surface. 


SafeSurface Fix can be used on tiles, pavers, concrete, marble and many more.

To see a full list of areas this product is suitable for according to the standard SA HB 198:2014 and that refers to the NCC standard Click here


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