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Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Once your floor has been certified as compliant you are only part of the way there. In order to maintain your non-slip floor and give it the best chance of remaining compliant and having no injuries or incidents we recommend using specially formulated cleaning solutions, so they are kept in optimal condition between applications of the non-slip coatings.

Our cleaning agents are all natural, biodegradable hard surface cleaners ideal for cleaning polished concrete floors and topical coated floors. Best of all, not only are they great at cleaning and maintaining your floors but they can also be used as a multi purpose cleaner.

Compliant Floor Systems Australia has you covered when it comes to maintenance and can provide you with a list of products along with schedule so that you can get the most out of your non-slip flooring.

Cleaning and Maintenance Products  - Compliant Floors Australia
Once your floor is compliant. Our products can be applied to maintain the coatings  - Compliant Floors Australia
Maintenance Products - Compliant Floors Australia
Non Slip Maintenance Products - Compliant Floors Australia


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