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Slip Resistance Testing Adelaide

NATA Accredited Wet Slip Resistance Testing

NATA Certified - EIC Laboratory & Testing

Floor safety is one of the greatest OHS hazards contributing to one-quarter of workplace injuries in Adelaide and South Australia. Occupational Health and Safety Regulations requires an employer or property owner to identify slippery surfaces.


EIC Laboratory& Testing undertake slip resistance testing throughout Adelaide and South Australia in accordance with Australian Standards:

  • AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials; and

  • AS/NZS 4663: 2004 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces


The slip resistance testing method we conduct in Adelaide is the wet pendulum test method for wet slip resistance testing.

All slip resistance tests are performed to Australian Standards.

Quality Assurance - EIC Laboratory & Testing

Quality Assurance

EIC Laboratory & Testing is a NATA accredited facility to ISO/IEC 17025 General requirements for the competence of testing to ensure that you receive the most accurate and reliable slip resistance testing results.

Slip Resistance Testing Certificates for Flooring Products

Adelaide Ceramic Tile, Stone and Vinyl Flooring manufacturers and floor product suppliers, we can perform floor slip resistance testing and certification and issue a NATA endorsed report for your products.

Slip resistance testing certificates for flooring products - EIC Laboratory & Testing
Slip resistance testing for expert opinions and insurance claims in Adelaide - EIC Laboratory & Testing

Slip Resistance Testing for Expert Opinions and Insurance Claims in Adelaide

If a slip, trip or fall accident occurs, EIC Laboratory & Testing are expert witness' and are qualified to provide a detailed report based on slip test results to assess the situation on factual, relevant information.

Slip Resistance Testing for Adelaide Property & OHS Managers

EIC Laboratory & Testing provides ongoing slip resistance testing throughout Adelaide and regional SA. We can assist in identifying slip, trip and fall related risks. Ongoing frequent slip resistance testing and monitoring is important to be proactive in identifying when remediation may be required to reduce risk.

slip resistance testing for Adelaide property & OHS managers - EIC Laboratory & Testing
slip resistance testing for Adelaide architects and builders - EIC Laboratory & Testing

Slip Resistance Testing for Adelaide Architects & Builders

EIC Laboratory & Testing can assist Adelaide architects and builders to undertake onsite slip resistance testing to ensure materials supplied complu with the minimum slip resistance recommendations. Our NATA endorsed slip resistance testing reports demonstrate the products suitability to comply with National and South Australian building codes and OHS legislations.

Onsite & Laboratory Slip Testing, Adelaide

EIC Laboratory & Testing provides both onsite and laboratory testing. Deliver product samples directly to us, or have one of our experienced technicians bring testing equipment to your premises. EIC offers an efficient and thorough service, delivering reports with fast turnarounds.

onsite and laboratory slip testing Adelaide - EIC Laboratory & Testing
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