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slip testing test methods

The two test methods that are most used in Australia are:

Oiled Inclining Platform: 

Test as described as an option in AS 4586:2013. This is a laboratory only test and can only apply to new material surfaces intended to be installed in or on a pedestrian walkway.

Pendulum Test Method: 

This method can be used for new surfaces as per AS 4586:2013 but also more importantly for existing surfaces in-situ testing. It is well described AS 4663:2013 above. The Pendulum wet and dry testing is the most widely used assessment procedure in Australia.

The aim of AS 4663:2013 is to provide methods of measuring the frictional characteristics of existing pedestrian surfaces in wet and dry conditions, and it is only used for existing installations i.e. in situ. 

It is a useful tool for the evaluation of risk for facilities managers and floor maintenance businesses and may be used as part of an overall risk assessment procedure for public locations or buildings. It may also be used for evaluating surface applications and treatments, including products such as sealers, polishes and etchants that modify the surface characteristics of pedestrian surfaces.

The importance of AS 4663:2013 Slip resistance measurement of existing pedestrian surfaces is emphasised in the requirement that after handover, the surfaces cease to be 'new' and subsequent testing would be in accordance with AS 4663:2013.

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